Chameleon Rescue

2020 seems to be the year of the chameleon here at Rozendal. This one casually strolled across the guard rail outside our office .

We normally don't handle them but since this little guy was heading for trouble we picked him up, did a quick photo shoot, and released him back into the jasmin, far away from any car.

He wasn't too happy, as the quick color changes tell, but I hope he appreciated the effort in the end.

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Pxl 20201202 120617897

Pxl 20201202 120654220

Pxl 20201202 120741460

Pxl 20201202 120748012

Pxl 20201202 120823817

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Pxl 20201202 120959919

Pxl 20201202 121048487

Pxl 20201202 121105367